Get to know 'Sing As We Go!'

(Real name - Justine)
(Real name - Michelle)

'Sing As We Go!' first performed as the 1940s duo in October 2016. Although, before this both had been very active in music for a number of years, playing in bands, solo work and conducting music workshops for children and adults with additional needs.

Before 2010 Gusty (Justine) had never been too or interested in 1940s events but that all changed after visiting the North Norfolk railway line for their famous 1940s weekend on the Poppy line! She had caught the bug and now loves nothing more than getting dressed up and belting out 'Knees up mother Brown' or joining in with a Charleston stroll.

Having both had grandparents who played important roles during the war years, Stan and Gusty feel it's a privilege to recreate the era with well known songs and dressing in the style.


As part of their interest in the war years SAWG like to visit Normandy each year for the D-Day commemorations. It's a fantastic opportunity to meet veterans and learn more about this incredible operation of the second world war.


If you haven't been to any 1940s events, add it to your bucket list!! The atmosphere at one of these events is fantastic, people are friendly and only too happy to show you how to do a stroll or chat about their passion. You don't have to dress up but, lets face it, who doesn't love getting in the spirit of things with a bit of khaki or red lippy!!

SAWG have attended or performed at many events such as Sheringham 1940s weekend, Romney Marsh Military weekend, The Long Shop Museum salute to the 40s weekend and the Transport Museum, Lowestoft. Also themed nights or lunches performed in pubs, The Dolphin inn Thorpeness, The Griffin of Yoxford and Gracie's Kitchen in Leiston.